Skin Clothing Online

The website “Skin Clothing Online” is a collaborative project between the National Museum of Denmark, Greenland National Museum & Archives and Cultural History Museum in Oslo.

Here you will find unique, high-resolution, 360 degree rotation photos and detailed information about the National Museum of Denmark’s and the National Museum of Greenland's collections of fur clothing from indigenous peoples in Greenland, North America, Siberia and North Scandinavia from 2500 BC to the present day. By clicking on photographs and drawings you can download the images for free. Please take note of the museums’ rules regarding copyright, which are listed on the site, and ensure that they are strictly followed.

The collections bear testimony to human survival in the extreme Arctic environment through technological specialization and outstanding craftsmanship. They also demonstrate the versatility and cultural exchange across the circumpolar area, and provide a key to understanding human relationships to each other, to the wildlife, nature and the cosmos.

Museums with similar collections are invited to contribute to the site. Please contact Aviâja Rosing Jakobsen​ and Anne Lisbeth Schmidt​

Please follow the Creative Commons-licenses:

CC-BY-NC for all photographs, taken by Roberto Fortuna, which must be stated.

CC-BY-NC-SA copyright National Museum of Denmark for all patterns and sewing instructions, produced by Karsten Jensen, Anette Hjelm Petersen and Anne Lisbeth Schmidt, which must be stated.

If in doubt please contact Anne Lisbeth Schmidt​